California Soldier Returns Home To Meet His Son For The First Time

by Caroline Bayard
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I love how the people of our country are enthusiastic about welcoming our brave men and women of the military home after serving overseas.

The welcome wagon, the parades, the signs, the family gatherings, the special videos…it’s never enough! Unfortunately, as civilians, have a tough time understanding exactly how much these brave heroes often have to sacrifice while they’re away. For the people who love a soldier, it can be absolutely terrifying to see their heroes leave, knowing they can’t be certain when they’ll return home, if ever. While they’re away on deployment, our brave soldiers miss out on birthdays, anniversaries, deaths, graduations, and of course, the little things, which we know can be just as important…especially when you’re a parent.

Much like this soldier, who didn’t stop until he made his way home to be with his wife in the hospital the day after she gave birth to their daughter, Sgt. Andrew Hernandez, was on deployment for nearly the entire time his wife was pregnant…followed by five months after that. In the following touching video from Sacramento news station KCRA, we see the Army hero return home to finally meet his baby boy face to face. Even though the dad got to watch his baby boy’s birth over the internet, there’s nothing like seeing him face to face for the first time.

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