Slice Into This Coke Bottle Cake For A Dessert Unlike Any You’ve Ever Tasted

by Phil Mutz
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Growing up, one of my favorite parts of any birthday celebration was the cake.

My mom was what I perceived to be an expert cake decorator. Each year, I was treated to an entirely different baked creation, either in a unique shape or topped with one of my favorite cartoon characters.

But in all my birthday years, I never spotted a cake quite like these unique desserts from Baked By Andres. And I definitely never saw a cake that could easily be mistaken for a bottle of my favorite soda!

These soda bottle cakes look just like the real deal — a bottle of Sprite, Fanta, Coca-Cola, and even Coke zero. But the second you slice them down the middle, you see exactly what delicious surprise is hiding inside.

Scroll through below for a glimpse of these mind-blowing desserts, which are custom-made and expertly crafted.

Would you mistake one of these cakes for a real bottle of soda? Which one would you want to serve at your next get together? Let us know in the comments!

They might look like ordinary bottles of Sprite, Fanta, and Coca-Cola, but these creations from Baked By Andres are actually so much more.

Each one is really a cake and not a soda bottle at all!

Sydney-based baker Andres writes on Instagram, “The entire soda cake is edible (but the wrapper).” Make sure to take off the bottle cap as well!

So what is hiding inside of this Coca-Cola zero cake? This one happens to have been created using delicious Nutella.

Andres posted this Sprite cake on Instagram writing, “Adding some matcha love into the day. Quenching thirst with some green tea goodness.”

And for the peanut butter lovers out there? The Fanta cake is full of yummy Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

So where can you get one of these unbelievable soda bottle cakes yourself? Andres doesn’t have a storefront that you can visit. Each cake is custom-made and has to be ordered online.

And even if these shockingly real soda cakes aren’t your thing, Baked By Andres has a wide variety of impressive and beautiful creations on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Check out the video of this amazing cake being sliced below!

Would you want to cut into one of these soda bottle cakes yourself? Which one would you pick — the Nutella, Reese’s, or green tea? Let us know in the comments.

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