Woman Calls Out Soccer Mom Who Fell Asleep At Her Kid’s Game And Says She’s Her ‘New Hero’

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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Every mom knows how exhausting parenting can be. No matter how old your child is, it’s always tiring to take care of kids.

Many people think that it’s only babies that make you tired. Even though older kids sleep through the night better than infants do, they also tend to have a million daytime activities that wear their parents out.

From school to extracurriculars to playdates, children will have you running around all day long. It can easily become overwhelming.

Sometimes, all parents need is a few moments of shut-eye.

Glennon Doyle knows too well what it’s like to be a tired mom. Recently, she was at her kid’s soccer game when she noticed a fellow mom asleep on the field.

She had laid out a blanket on the ground, curled up on it, and put a jacket over her face in order to get a few minutes of much-needed rest.

Glennon recognized this soccer mom as a kindred spirit, so she snapped a picture and shared it online.

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sleeping soccer mom

After sneaking a quick picture, Glennon turned to social media to share her thoughts on this sleeping soccer mom.

On Facebook, her post racked up over 150,000 reactions and 42,000 shares in just a week.

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Glennon wrote:

On this Thursday morning: I give you MY NEW HERO: This soccer mom at my kid’s last game.

Whilst all the other moms stood on the sidelines with great concern and worry and volume: this hero laid her body down on the ground, her head down on her purse, and her jacket over her face — and napped.

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Every once in a while, the sideline would wake her and she’d raise her arm and say: yay.

I love her. Her entire existence said: I’m showing up for my kid. But I’m not gonna pretend I’m not exhausted about It.


Let us know them. Let us raise them. Let us be them.

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I would like to formally nominate this Soccer Mom Hero as the President of the Women Who Have Run Out Of Effs To Give Club. I will be Secretary in Charge of Meetings. There will be no meetings. 

I salute you. 

youth soccer

Glennon’s fans immediately started responding to the post, and they thought the sleeping soccer mom was an absolute inspiration.

One woman wrote: “Haha. YES. This was me tonight at my kids’ gymnastics practice.”

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Another mom could totally relate, writing: “Love her honesty. Love her selfless act of showing up and her selflove act of napping.”

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Another mom pointed out that even though she’s napping, she still seems totally prepared for any possible outcome.

“And even the most exhausted mama is prepared for ANYTHING! I see that umbrella, just in case (on what looks like a beautiful, sunny day). I LOVE everything about this!” she wrote.

kids soccer

Have you ever felt tired enough to sleep on the ground like this mama?

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