Little Boy Spots Burning Candle In Cake, Then Blows It Out With One Incredible Soccer Kick

by Jess Butler
Jess is a curly-haired Jersey girl who adores penguins and watches the worst reality shows on TV.

Why is it that the most amazing things happen when nobody is looking? Luckily for this little boy, his incredible feat was caught on camera.

In the video below, posted on May 14, 2017, a young boy stands in his living room and eyes a delicious piece of chocolate cake sitting upon a dish on the floor. There is a glowing candle stuck right in the middle of the sugary treat and the child just can’t seem to look away.

Then, he has a brilliant idea. He decides to pull off a trick shot using a tiny black and white soccer ball on the carpet.

You can hear his dad in the background as he watches his son prepare for the big soccer kick. He backs up and perfects his footing before lifting his right leg back a bit, aiming for the candle.

Suddenly, the small ball flies up into the air on impact with the toddler’s foot. It zooms over to the candle and “blows out” the flame faster than the blink of an eye.

His dad roars and gasps, “You did it! Yes!”

The little boy gets just as excited as his father and jumps around the room.

“Bye-bye! See you later,” he yells as he bends down and waves goodbye to the flameless candle.

Check out the video below to see his unbelievable reaction, and please SHARE if you think that is a pretty impressive skill!

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