Boy With Special Needs Is Having Meltdown When Mom Sees Snow White Take His Hand, Lead Him Off

by Amy Paige
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Lauren Bergner and her husband spent months prepping their son for his first trip to Disney World. It can be an overwhelming experience for any child, but it was an especially delicate one for 6-year-old Brody.

Brody has autism and is nonverbal. He uses his iPad to communicate and doesn’t easily open up to strangers.

The Bergners, who live in New Jersey, headed off to Disney World hoping for a fun, safe, and stress-free adventure.

During their trip, Lauren and Bill took Brody to Epcot so he could take photos with the characters. While waiting to meet Snow White inside the Germany Pavilion, Brody felt overwhelmed and began to cry.

The crowds, heat, noise, and excitement became too much to bear.

The woman who plays Snow White took one look at Brody and knew he was clearly unhappy — but her response shocked Lauren and Bill. Behind them was a whole line of people waiting for their turn with the Disney princess, and even they started cheering and clapping.

Snow White hugged and cuddled the distraught little boy. At one point she let him lay his head on her lap and cry; he rarely acts so comfortable with strangers.

Lauren stood back and watched as Snow White took Brody’s hand and led him away from everyone in line — then Lauren wrote an email to Disney’s corporate division so everyone could hear what Snow White did for her son.

Footage provided by WPIX New York

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