Burglar Leads Cops Right To His Hiding Place By Leaving Trail Of Footprints In Snow

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Having a ton of snow on the ground might be annoying for most of us, but a recent snowstorm has proven to be pretty useful to police in Ohio.

A pair of burglars in the state almost got away with their crimes — but they didn’t think about the evidence they were leaving behind in the snow.

The two burglars weren’t working together, but they both made the same mistake of trying to break into a home undetected on a snowy day and leaving their footprints behind as evidence.

It sounds obvious when you think about it, but the fact that snow holds footprints seemingly didn’t occur to these criminals. Thankfully, it helped the police find (and arrest) them almost immediately after they fled the crime scene.

Police were able to find one criminal, Jack Sherwood, because he left a trail of footprints from one house he’d broken into straight to another he tried to break into! Another burglar, Brian Clay, left behind a trail that led right back to his own front door.

Lt. Pat Hengst of the Wickliffe Police says mistakes like this make his job easy. He says, “The footprints are fairly obvious to follow, so while the officers were diligent in following that far, it really wasn’t that tricky to figure out where this guy had come from.”

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