Sneaky Dog Breaks Out Of Her House And Pretends To Be A Stray To Get Free Burgers At McDonald’s

by Angela Andaloro

We’re more used to seeing outdoor cats that can come and go as they please, but some dogs are disciplined enough to go out on their own and make their way home.

But wouldn’t you wonder where your dog went on its adventures?

One Oklahoma City woman decided to follow her dog on the pup’s nightly outings after she realized her pet was inexplicably gaining weight.

Betsy Reyes was shocked to see what her dog was up to when she was out on the town. It turned out that Princess was heading down to the local McDonald’s drive-through, where she pretended to be a stray so that people would feel bad and feed her. Princess’ begging must have been pretty effective since it became obvious to Betsy that the dog was putting on weight!

Betsy took to Facebook to “shame” her pup and let people around the neighborhood know that Princess wasn’t a hungry stray. But she had no idea how insanely viral the post would go.

Betsy noticed that her dog, Princess, had put on a few pounds. There hadn’t been any changes to Princess’ diet or exercise, so Betsy decided to check on what the dog was doing when she snuck out of the house at night.

It turns out that Princess had been heading down to the local McDonald’s.

Betsy watched as Princess begged at people’s windows while they were in the drive-through. Some people drove back around and gave food to the dog they thought was a stray.

When Betsy pulled up to Princess, the dog knew she had been caught. You can see it all over her face!

Betsy took to Facebook to warn everyone in her area that Princess is not a stray, just a sneaky little beggar!

She included a picture of the “criminal” caught in the act. Hilariously, Princess doesn’t exactly look ashamed of her con.

She posted another photo of Princess days later, as the post started to go viral. The owner and pup are both very obviously enjoying the fanfare!

People started to make memes about the crafty dog’s slick way of getting extra meals in.

Apparently, Princess’ scheme isn’t unique among the canine population.

Someone replied to Betsy saying that their dog is guilty of doing the same, but prefers Dunkin’ Donuts to McDonald’s.

Some wondered if Princess was just eager to win McDonald’s annual Monopoly tournament. Hey, we’ve all been there.

Everyone was amused by Princess’ sneaky ways. Who doesn’t love a free cheeseburger, after all?

Someone even finessed the situation to ask Betsy out! Very smooth.

Everyone hopes Princess is super careful during her nighttime adventures.

We love a dog who’s an expert scammer. Princess is a smart girl, for sure!