9-Month-Old Son Is Playing On Kitchen Floor When Mom Sees 5-Foot-Long Snake Biting Into His Leg

by Amy P
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Jenna Lees-Rolfe lives with her family in Medford, Massachusetts, but she was born in Australia. In addition to its variety of massive and deadly spiders, Australia is also known for its large population of deadly snakes.

Jenna learned how to handle snake bites at an early age, but she was very grateful to have never had to put those types of skills to use … until now.

On a quiet Saturday morning, Jenna was making breakfast at home in Massachusetts while her 9-month-old son, James, played on the kitchen floor. She cooked while he had fun banging on some pots and pans.

Jenna turned away for a quick moment, then looked down to find a 5-foot-long snake slithering out from under the refrigerator and heading straight toward James.

In an instant, Jenna screamed as the snake sunk its teeth into James’ shin, right there on the kitchen floor. She was terrified, and she had no idea if the snake was venomous.

Using a bucket and broom, she and her husband managed to the catch the snake and place it in a container to take to animal control. The distraught parents could do nothing but hope and pray the bite was not poisonous.

Animal control says the snake likely got into Jenna’s house through the garage and made its grand entrance after winding its way up through the pipes. They also think it got spooked when James started banging on the pans and bit him out of fear.

Watch the video below to see what type of snake bit James. Thankfully, it was not the life-or-death situation his parents feared.

Footage provided by WGHP Greensboro

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