Couple Is Freaked Out By Long Skinny ‘Snake’ Only To Get Closer And Find Even Scarier Sight

by Amy Paige
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A British tourist named Will was hiking in northern Spain when he and wife stumbled upon a strange sight.

From a distance, they thought they were approaching a long skinny snake slithering along the dusty trail.

Will is pretty afraid of snakes, so he was hesitant. Upon a closer look, however, the couple realized this was no snake. Rather, it was a string of caterpillars — hundreds of them, marching in a single-file line.

These “pine processionary” caterpillars are native to southern Europe, and while they may look cute and cuddly, they’re anything but.

Their wiry barbed hairs can cause painful stinging in the eyes of anyone who bothers them.

The more Will and his wife explored the area, the more chains of caterpillars they found.

“We had noticed lots of cotton-wool like structures in the surrounding pine trees during the walk, which it turns out are actually a form of a nest that these animals build,” he told Newsflare.

I can see why Will and his wife were very grateful they didn’t get too close to the crawling creatures.

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