Street-Performing Duo Bang Out Awesome Michael Jackson-Inspired Moves On Camera

by Mauricio Castillo
Mauricio has been writing for 11 years and is deeply into movies, sports and anything funny.

The late Michael Jackson is known by many as one of the greatest musical talents this world has ever seen.

It wasn’t just his classic songs — he’s known for his incredible dance moves as well.

People (and many dogs too) have been moved by his amazing music and dancing skills, and every once in awhile, someone will be filmed imitating his moves.

Well, in the video below, we have a duo that really does the icon justice with their Michael Jackson-inspired show!

To the tune of the classic song “Smooth Criminal,” a man and his smaller dance partner were filmed putting on quite the show for a growing street crowd.

They stood upon a black-and-white checkered piece of sidewalk, dressed head to toe in iconic Michael Jackson-style clothes: black fedora, flowing blue dress shirt, white T-shirt tucked into black slacks, and shiny black shoes.

With amazing synchronicity, the duo danced through the song, looking almost like clones of the iconic pop star.

In the background, the crowd can be heard cheering and applauding their performance.

There’s a stunning part in their performance where the man sits down and holds the young boy by his ankles.

The boy, channeling the pop star, leans forward and straight as possible and seemingly defies gravity, which earns an especially loud cheer from the crowd watching their show.

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