Chihuahua’s ‘Cheshire Grin’ Is So Cute That It Helps Him Find His Forever Home

by Gwendolyn Plummer
Gwen is a writer, reader, hockey fan, concert goer, and lunchtime enthusiast.

It can be hard for some dogs to find forever homes.

There are so many pups in need of families that it can sometimes seem like certain dogs have no chance of ever leaving their shelter.

But one cute Chihuahua has a pretty unique feature that helped him get adopted: his smile.

Cheech the Chihuahua lived in an animal shelter in Waller, Texas, before his smile went viral and helped him find his forever family.

When the City of Waller Animal Shelter posted pictures of Cheech’s adorable grin on their Facebook page, they hoped it would help him get adopted. They probably had no idea how many strangers would fall totally in love with the precious pup!

Applications rolled in almost immediately — but one in particular stood out.

According to the shelter’s Facebook page, Cheech’s new mom is named Carrie. Carrie had lost her beloved pup to cancer just days earlier, and her remaining dog, Dusty, was depressed. When Carrie brought Dusty in to meet Cheech, their bond was immediate. It was clear that Cheech had found his forever home.

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