Sweet Bulldog Can’t Stop Smiling After Being Adopted

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

Whether they’re panting, playing, or just happy to see you, doggie smiles are completely infectious.

There’s something about getting a grin from our canine friends that is so sweet and genuine that we can’t help but smile along.

This is certainly the case for Diggy the adorable American bulldog mix, whose happy mug is making waves all over cyberspace.

Having been adopted by a loving family, Diggy clearly couldn’t be more thrilled to have a home, just like this recently adopted pit bull puppy.

As a result, he has been sporting a big smile in every photo owner Dan Tillery takes.

His photogenic face has since gone viral, and the internet can’t get enough of him rolling on the floor, taking long luxurious naps, and playing with canine companions, all with his signature grin.

Check down below to see more photos of Diggy and his new digs; we guarantee that you won’t be able to help cracking a smile.

[H/T: ABC]

Dan Tillery was eager to adopt a dog to help break in the house he had recently moved into.


So when the Detroit Dog Rescue posted a picture of Diggy, Tillery was (understandably) completely smitten.

“I just bought a new house and my girlfriend and I wanted a dog, so we went down to the rescue and fell in love with him,” he told ABC.

Since being adopted mere days ago, the grateful Diggy has settled right into his forever home.

Tillery wasted no time documenting him settling into his new place by taking long happy naps, rolling around on the floor, and stopping occasionally to pose for his photo ops.

Being a clear lover of canines other than Diggy, Tillery has a history of taking photos of other happy dogs that he meets.

He also posts alerts via social media whenever he finds dogs wondering alone around the city.

Having already received so much documented puppy love a mere 48 hours into his adoption, we are eager to see more photos of happy little Diggy as he continues to enjoy his new home.

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