Boy Who Physically Can’t Smile Gets Plastic Surgery Makeover On ‘The Doctors’

by Emerald Pellot
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Doctors gave Danielle Templer some heartbreaking news when her son, Maddox, was born. They revealed that he would never smile, blink, frown, eat, or talk because of a condition called Moebius syndrome.

The idea that her son would never smile ate away at the mom. Maddox, however, is now a regular, happy little boy.

He knew he didn’t have the facial nerves to smile, so he would instead take his two index fingers, press them into his cheeks, and lift the edges of his mouth to form one.

Judging from the outside, you might’ve never guessed how Maddox was feeling, but on the inside, he experienced life as most of us do.

Nevertheless, Danielle couldn’t help but feel that his absent smile was holding him back.

Maddox had difficulty making friends despite his wonderful spirit.

The mother appeared on The Doctors, and with the help of pediatric plastic surgeon Dr. Andre Panossian, they were able to transform the muscles in the boy’s face.

The surgery was a success: Maddox got his big, joyful smile. The little guy continues to stun doctors by how much he transcends their expectations.

“From being told he would never talk or eat on his own, to being placed in accelerated classes and being the best reader in class, there is nothing he can’t do,” Danielle said, according to Daily Mail. “He is more confident and more likely to speak in front of others now.”

Danielle is grateful to The Doctors for allowing Maddox to shine inside and out.

“Now Maddox’s future is so bright — I can’t imagine the places he will go or how many lives he will touch with his story. He has overcome so much and defied so many odds,” she says. “Although we still have things to overcome, I know without a doubt — anything he tries, he will accomplish.”

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