Mom Ashamed Of Her 32 Baby Teeth Hides Them For Years Until Doctors Fix Them One By One

by Emerald Pellot
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Tyrica has been hiding her smile practically her entire life. While she was in fourth grade, she noticed that all of her friends were losing their baby teeth, yet she hadn’t lost hers.

In fact, she never would.

Tyrica wears snap-on veneers to hide her baby teeth. They make her feel insecure — and they have destroyed her confidence.

“I’ve been hiding something my whole entire life, and it’s really starting to get to me now,” she said.

It’s not just superficial, though. It’s also painful. Every time she brushes her teeth, her gums bleed. She has a number of cavities and an abscess under one tooth.

“The dentists say that I should just pull them all out and get veneers,” she added, “but it’s very expensive.”

Tyrica’s friend, Pat, reached out to The Doctors without telling her.

“Besides the fact that I’m Travis Stork’s biggest fan, I just wanted to see if they could help her,” Pat explained. “I know that The Doctors show changes lives every day!”

Cosmetic dentist Joseph Goodman gave Tyrica the chance to totally reconstruct her teeth for free. He said every single one of her 32 teeth will need to be corrected and reconstructed individually. This was no small procedure. The Doctors even provided a mockup of what Tyrica will look like after the operation.

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