Woman Who Was Bullied Over ‘Shark Teeth’ Finally Has Them All Removed And Replaced With Implants

by Emerald Pellot
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Jenna Pfaff of San Jose, California, was diagnosed with ectodermal dysplasia when she was 8 years old.

The condition causes genetic disorders that affect bones, teeth, and hair.

Jenna’s teeth didn’t develop like the other kids’, which resulted in constant bullying.

“People would say things, like I had ‘messed-up teeth,’ and I was known as the girl with the ‘jacked-up mouth,'” Jenna told Caters News.

Her teeth were brittle. They would constantly fall out out or break. Jennifer would smile with her mouth closed and try to conceal her teeth as often as possible.

“I had pointy teeth that were sharp, very fragile, and triangular, like shark’s teeth. I was so embarrassed, I suffered with anxiety over them. All the way through school, I was bullied for having bad teeth and even started losing healthy teeth because of the condition,” she said.

The 21-year-old decided to raise money to get dental implants. This wasn’t just cosmetic: Her teeth were so weak that even eating soft foods caused them to fall out.

“Prior to surgery, they would wiggle and move even when I was brushing my teeth, leading to one falling out. Then, I lost another while eating a banana because they were so fragile,” she said.

Jenna had all of her teeth surgically removed. Even without the surgery, they would have eventually fallen out themselves. Now she has a set of temporary teeth, and she’s raising funds to get permanent ones. The transformation has profoundly affected her.

“I’m so grateful this happened to me; it’s definitely such a positive thing,” she said. “I’m much less self-conscious now that my teeth are more realistic than before. Now I smile without noticing, and so many tell me they just thought I was really unhappy before and didn’t know there was anything wrong with my teeth.”

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Photo: Caters News

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