Mom Thanks Son For Obsessive Video Game Habit After It Keeps Him Awake And He Catches House Fire

by Jess Butler
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Most parents would scold their children for staying up late and playing video games on their phones. However, Jennifer Schultz saw it as a blessing.

If it weren’t for her 14-year-old son’s late-night habit, her family probably wouldn’t have survived a brutal house fire.

You see, Dezmin was playing video games on his smartphone when he started hearing strange noises coming from inside his bedroom walls. He looked outside and saw a huge glare, resembling a fire.

In the video below, posted on December 18, 2017, Dezmin says, “I went outside and looked and saw part of the house was on fire.”

Then, the teen ran back inside to alert his family. He woke up his relatives, who had no idea that a fire had started inside their rental home of 6 years.

In the video, Jennifer explains, “He came into my room and said ‘Mom the house is on fire.’ I was shocked because I was in such a deep sleep,” adding, “If he wouldn’t have woken us up it would have been a lot different story.”

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Right Thumbnail Photo: Flickr / Intel Free Press

Footage provided courtesy of KDVR Denver

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