The Way You Hold Your Phone Could Be Changing The Shape Of Your Hands

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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In today’s day and age, it seems like everyone has a smartphone. From 8-year-olds to 80-year-olds, everyone is constantly connected via their phones.

People use their phones for work, fun, communication, games, television, etc. It seems like there’s nothing these devices can’t do.

Everyone is keen on getting their hands on the latest and greatest phone, but there’s actually a strange reason we shouldn’t be using our phones as much as we do: it’s messing up people’s hands.

If you think I’m going to talk about carpal tunnel syndrome, you’re wrong.

Actually, the issue I’m going to tell you about is called “smartphone pinky.”

“Smartphone pinky” occurs when your little finger gets a dent on it near the first knuckle from the way you hold your phone.

Take a look at your hands right now — notice any differences between the shapes of your pinkies?

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smartphone pinky

If you’ve never heard of “smartphone pinky,” you’re not alone.

This strange phenomenon has only recently popped up — and happens when you hold your phone the wrong way.

phone pinky

So what is “smartphone pinky”? Well, it’s a dented or bent pinky finger that’s caused by the way you hold your phone.

Many people balance their smartphones on their pinky fingers to keep their phones from wobbling or falling out of their hands.

pinky phone

Pick up your phone and hold it naturally. Do you hold it the way the person in the photo above holds it?

If you do, you might be at risk for getting “smartphone pinky.”

rayna finger

People all over Twitter have started sharing photos of their hands, claiming that their phones have bent their pinky fingers.

Along with the photo above, Rayna wrote, “My pinky finger is seriously bent because of the way I hold my phone.”

lucy finger

Another Twitter user, Lucy, wrote, “I have an actual #iphone injury. My finger has bent & will not straighten. Need to change the way I hold my phone.”

Do you have this weird finger deformity?

haley finger

Yet another Twitter user, Haley, wrote, “My finger is bent because all I do is hold my phone all day.”

We are all on our phones so much nowadays, it’s not actually all that surprising that our bodies are beginning to reflect that.

holding phone

Do you hold your phone this way? Would you consider holding it differently now that you know about “smartphone pinky”?

Although it looks a little concerning, it doesn’t seem like there are actually any negative effects on people’s health.

woman phone

What do you think of this weird smartphone phenomenon?

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