Group Of Kids ‘Go Viral’ For Playing On Their Smartphones In The Middle Of A Museum

by Paul Morris
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The internet allows us to see places, things, and people that we wouldn’t have even known existed. It’s allowed us to educate ourselves on countless new subjects and see amazing sights and videos from all over our beautiful planet.

But the internet can also be a double-edged sword. With all that information out there, there is also just as much disinformation. There are many stories that come out that would be enraging at first, but once we learn the truth, it becomes clear that many situations were perfectly innocent in nature.

About a year ago, a photo of some children “went viral” simply because it showed them glued to their smartphones in the middle of a world-famous art museum. They became a perfect example of how disconnected the youngsters of today are with the world around them, and how, even when surrounded by beauty, they’d rather text their friends or Facetime on their iPhone. I have to admit, if I didn’t know the truth about this picture, and I’d honestly think the same thing.

But now I’m going to eat some crow. A year ago, these children went viral for the wrong reason. It only seems fair now that they go viral this time around for the right ones.

Please scroll through the story below if you think these kids deserve a second chance!

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam holds some of the most priceless works of art known to humankind. From some of the greatest masters the world has ever known to ancient sculptors whose names may be lost, but talent isn’t, this place is on the map of “places to visit” for any art lover out there.

And like any other museum, the Rijksmuseum loves to invite school children over to broaden their horizons and learn to appreciate art and its important meaning to human culture.

So when someone snapped a photo of a group of children stuck to their smartphones last year, the picture quickly “went viral” for all the wrong reasons.

The picture shows a group of these children completely ignoring one of the most famous pieces of art by one of the most famous masters of all time. People were outraged, saying that these children were just a further example of how horrible the world was doomed.

The painting itself is heart-stopping. The Night Watch by Rembrandt is well known for its huge size, amazing composition, perfect use of light, and all-around personality.

And for a group of children to be ignoring it so they could play on their smartphones was utterly shameful!

But facts are stubborn things. It turns out that these children weren’t ignoring the famous piece of art, they were actually learning more about it. After listening, enraptured, to an art historian explain the piece, the kids were told to complete an assignment about what they used on their smartphones.

The museum itself has a well-known app filled with information about every single painting, and these children were using a new tool to learn more about something they loved and appreciated. It really goes to show how much our opinions can be based off of a single picture!

Recording artist Steve Cobby wrote out a pretty perfect response to everyone who judged these kids before they learned the truth. And while he doesn’t think it’ll go viral, we should all try to spread the message that these kids were paying attention and, most importantly, learning about the bigger world all around them!

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