You Can Initiate A Lifesaving Emergency Smartphone Hack Using A Single Button On Your iPhone

by Kim Wong-Shing

Picture this: You’re drifting off to sleep one night when the sound of glass breaking jolts you awake. You hear unfamiliar footsteps creeping through your house and quickly realize that someone has broken into your home. You run over to your closet to hide, knowing that you need to call the police immediately, but you’re scared of being overheard. You’ve worked yourself into a panic, and it’s hard to think clearly. What should you do?

According to a panel of experts on The Doctors, there’s a secret emergency feature on your smartphone that could potentially save your life in such situations.

On an iPhone, simply press the lock button on the side of your device five times until a screen appears with a slider labeled “Emergency SOS.” When you slide it to the right, your phone automatically contacts local emergency services. When that call ends, your iPhone will send a text message with your location to your emergency contacts and keep them updated whenever your location changes.

If you have an Android, the process is a little different: Hit your power button three times, and an emergency message with your photo and location will automatically be sent to your emergency contacts.

Knowing these smartphone “hacks” ahead of time might come in handy one day if you’re ever unfortunate enough to find yourself in a scary emergency situation. Be sure to preset your emergency contacts in your phone, then walk your loved ones through the same process. That way, if a worst-case scenario becomes their reality, they’ll be ready to call for help when they need it, too.

Watch Dr. Travis Stork demonstrate this smartphone hack in the video below…

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