Wedding Photographer Imagines Couples As Tiny People On Big Adventures

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

Getting married and starting a new chapter in your life is, for many people, kind of like embarking on a big new adventure.

What will the future hold? Where will you end up?

That sounds scary, but when you take the first steps with a sense of joy and wonder, great things can happen.

That spirit of fun and adventure, along with love and togetherness, is what a photographer who goes by the name of Kontuelek, which literally translates to “small person” or “little people” in Thai, creates with his inventive photos.

Kontuelek uses a combination of photo editing and a technique called “tilt-shift” (which you may be familiar with if you use Instagram), and he makes it appear as if the happy couples are tiny adventurers navigating the big world.

There’s always something silly and charming about things that aren’t the right size, like the giant dachshund on the town in New York City, and Kontuelek’s photos are not only beautiful, but also full of fun and humor.

If traditional wedding photos aren’t your bag, you might get a kick out of these!

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Kontuelek is the working name of a wedding photographer in Thailand.

The name literally translates to “little people” or “small person” in Thai, and based on his photography, it’s quite apt.

Using a combination of photo editing and tilt-shift photography, he makes his subjects look tiny, and the world around them look huge.

Tilt-shift photography is when only part of the photo is in focus, usually the center, and creates the illusion of a miniature scene.

If you use Instagram, you’ve probably played around with this before. If not, try it!

By using this technique, along with clever photo editing and some beautiful scenery, Kontuelek creates fun and lighthearted scenes that would not look out of place in a fairy tale.

The happy couples seem like they’ve been shrunk to miniature size, and are taking in the big, beautiful world around them.

And by doing that, the giant-seeming scenery around them — even of the most ordinary things — looks suddenly new, since we’ve changed our perspective.


He shows them navigating the big, strange world together, which is a pretty nice metaphor for a wedding, when you think about it.

Sometimes their worlds even get a little perilous!

But ultimately, he captures the sense of wonder and the new perspectives that a relationship can bring us.

And while some couples opt for sweet and idyllic settings, other couples like to get a little sillier, like this, where the groom is being swept away by a devious beetle!

And it’s not all tiny photography. There are plenty of regular-size wedding photos, as well as baby and family portraits and more on Kontuelek’s Facebook page.

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