These Are The 15 Best Small Breeds Of Dogs Ranked According To How Adorable They Really Are

by Stephanie Kaloi

I am absolutely, completely a big fan of nearly all small breeds of dogs. I have two small dogs in my home: Ron Weasley and JJ, who are brothers.

They’re Chihuahua/Pomeranian mixes, and they are the sweetest, cutest, best dogs in the world. As a big fan of small dog breeds, I am also happy to take it upon myself to write this: the definitive guide to the very sweetest small dog breeds.

For those who might ask themselves why the world needs a guide to cute small breeds of dogs, I ask you this: Why doesn’t the world need a guide to cute small dogs? In a time that can be confusing, chaotic, and even downright lonely, a small dog can give you endless joy and unadulterated love.

Ron Weasley (who does have red hair, thank you for asking) loves to cuddle. He also knows that when he hears the little chime of the PlayStation coming on, it means we are about to watch TV, and he hops right up onto the couch and snuggles himself around my knees or on top of his favorite blanket in anticipation. If that’s not reason enough to love a small dog, I don’t know what is.

So here we go, people: 15 small dog breeds, ranked according to how adorable I think they are.

15. Chihuahua/Pomeranian

OK, in the interest of being fair to both myself and to you, dear reader, I had to include my favorite small breed: the aforementioned Chihuahua/Pomeranian! While some might call this dog yappy, I just like to say that this particular type of dog is chatty! While haters may say this breed can be a little clingy, I’ll say that they are excellent at cuddling. And for those who think this particular breed is a little territorial, I’ll just say … they know who their people are, and they’re not interested in anyone else messing with them. Got it? They’re the best.

14. Alaskan Klee Kai

OK, I chose this dog because (a) I love the name, and (b) they are like huskies but way tinier, and that idea alone is absolutely precious. I mean, did you even know that small breeds of dogs that are like larger dogs but also not even exist? Because I did not. I am already a fan of any animal made miniature (do not even get me started on pygmy goats!), and this tiny little dog is basically a dream come true.

13. Yorkies

Absolutely no list of adorable small breeds of dogs is complete without Yorkies! While their name is technically Yorkshire terriers, everyone and their mama knows these dogs as Yorkies. They are super energetic and very sweet, and they grow up to be delightfully precious (and tiny) companions who have a pretty long lifespan.

12. Miniature Pinscher

I know these dogs aren’t for everyone, but they are definitely high on my list of cute small breeds of dogs! I have always loved that they basically look like teeny, tiny Dobermans. They also have a ton of energy and are excellent dogs to take hiking, running, or even walking around the neighborhood.

11. Japanese Chin

I have never actually seen a Japanese Chin in real life, but whenever I see one online I make a sound that can only be described as highly embarrassing. In the wide world of small breeds of dogs, the Japanese Chin is just flat-out ridiculously cute. I don’t know how they came to be in this life, but I am so happy they exist.

10. Pug

My kid would never, ever let me live it down if I did not include his all-time favorite breed on this list, and it makes sense why! Pugs are definitely one of the cutest small breeds of dogs that are out there. Between their curly little tails and that funny snorting sound they make when they try to do basically anything, they are endlessly delightful.

9. Yorkipoo

OK, the Yorkipoo is what you get when you cross a Yorkshire terrier with a miniature poodle, and bless your heart, they are angels on this planet. I can’t decide if I prefer the ones who look more like Yorkies or the ones who look more like poodles, but I’m leaning toward the latter because they are flat-out dreamboats.

8. Italian Greyhound

I know some people would not call these delightful little balls of pure nerves adorable and cute, but I am absolutely in love with them. There is something so dainty and precious about a dog who is kind of spindly, and these guys are definitely one of my favorite small breeds of dogs. They are especially ideal for anyone who is looking for a lap dog, and honestly, who isn’t?

7. Bichon Frise

The bichon frise is one of the small breeds of dogs that I just like knowing exists on this planet. I mean, look at that hair! Can you imagine? These dogs were often seen canoodling with nobles as far back as the 1200s, and they became circus performers following the French Revolution. They are known for being super smart, and they’re definitely easy to train.

6. Maltese Terriers

Maltese terriers are super popular, and it’s for good reason. This is one of the best small breeds of dogs for someone who is patient and who also likes to have a dog that looks a little fancy. With deliberate training, a Maltese can be a sweet pet who makes friends with anyone. And despite what you might think, they actually don’t shed! They just have all that fabulous hair.

5. Affenpinscher

The affenpinscher is another one of those small breeds of dogs that simply delights me because they’re around. In the 1600s, these dogs were tasked with ridding homes in Germany of rats and other assorted household pests. Now they are often used as therapy dogs, because they are known to be remarkable listeners.

4. Dachshund

We had a dachshund in our home for a while growing up, and of all the small breeds of dogs out there, they are some of the sweetest. Dachshunds are known for being very curious and friendly, and it’s hard for these guys to ever meet a stranger. They are known for their surprisingly loud barks, so if you’re hoping for a quiet, chill dog … this might not be the choice for you.

3. Corgi

If you have ever wondered what Queen Elizabeth and Queer Eye‘s Antoni Porowski have in common, it’s that the two share a love for one of the most special small breeds of dogs: corgis! While the dogs can definitely be a little dense, their short stature definitely means they’re on this list. Corgis are also surprisingly fast, which makes them great running companions for active families.

2. Jack Russell Terrier

I don’t know why I love these little springy dogs so much, but I just do. This is definitely one of the more popular small breeds of dogs, and Jack Russells have been featured in several films. They’re super smart and known to be a little stubborn, but they have plenty of energy to keep up with an active individual or family.

1. Pekingese

The very cutest of the cutest small breeds of dogs has to be the Pekingese! I am probably biased, as the first dog that I remember having was a sweet Pekingese named Gizmo, but I love their long hair and floppy ears. While these dogs are known to enjoy spending time with adults over children, with training and patience they can also be a good family pet.