Hero Tourists Form A Rescue Team To Save Helpless Sloth Before He Gets Electrocuted

by Amy Paige
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Sloths spend the majority of their lives hanging from trees in the rainforests of Central and South America.

They have an instinctual need to climb and hang, which often leads them onto the highly dangerous power lines that run through their natural habitats.

According to Critter Guard: “Electrocution is the primary danger to sloths and other animals that live near power lines. Many countries in Central and South America have lost a significant portion of their rainforest wildlife to electrocution.”

It really is a big problem. In Costa Rica alone, there are thousands of wildlife electrocutions every year — and over half of those animals are sloths.

In March 2019, a group of tourists were driving along the roads of Junglewood Falls in Panama when they spotted a helpless sloth who had gotten stuck on the power lines with no way of getting down. Instead of ignoring the poor animal, these Good Samaritans wrangled some locals, and the group decided to do whatever it took to rescue him.

It wasn’t an easy feat, as you’re about to see, but they didn’t give up until the sloth was safely transferred back into the forest and onto one of his favorite types of trees.

Awesome job, guys.

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