Adorable Video Shows A Tiny Girl Sleeping With Her Baby Dog

by Paul Morris
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A best friend is someone who you know will stay by your side no matter what. Family will always stick by you, but to find someone who actually chooses to be your friend and love you no matter what is one of the most difficult things to find in life.

But while for some of us it can take years and years to find someone close enough to consider as family, it seems like the adorable little girl in this viral video has found her best friend before she could even learn how to ride a bike!

As the two drift in and out of sleep, we can’t help but smile at just how adorable they are together. As the little girl slowly sips away at her milk bottle, the dog keeps an eye out just to make sure she’s safe and comfortable.

Dad eventually pulls the bottle away so baby can sleep better, but this little darling girl seems to have an almost instinctive response as she lets her arms out in the cutest of fashions. She might be a bit older than an infant, but in this moment, she looks and acts exactly like a one-day-old newborn.

It really doesn’t get much cuter or more perfect than this video, and something tells us that her sibling “older brother” will make sure she grows up safe and happy as the years pass by. She’s found her best friend and we love her for it!

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