You Have To See The Funny Ways That Animals Sleep

by Caitlin E. Harrington
Caitlin is an Arizona native currently residing in Phoenix. Pilates, cycling, cooking and watching YouTube beauty videos fill up her free time. Cute dogs are her weakness.

Before you read on any further, I should probably give you a proper warning: This video may induce yawning, cause the inability to keep your eyes open, and send you slowly drifting off to dream land!

That being said, it will likely making you smile, too!

Just like humans, animals need their sleep. But have you ever thought about all of the different animals out there and when/when/how they get in their beauty sleep?

I know that my dog for example likes to curl up in a ball right up against me and sleep so hard that her snores wake me up, and I’ve even seen the adorable way one little piggy likes to get in his Zzz’s, but up until I watched this video, I had no idea about the ways that many wild animals dozed off.

National Geographic made this awesome video to give us a little more insight as to how things work in the animal kingdom. From the way walruses are able to breath while they sleep in the water, to reason why puppies twitch as they sleep.

Check out the video below to learn some interesting facts about your favorite animal, or if you just need some help falling asleep!

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