14 Products That Will Save Your Skin This Winter

by C.B. Dionne
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You can learn a lot about yourself by paying attention to your skin, and what I’ve learned is that winter and I don’t mix! I swear that even just thinking about the cold air dries my skin up, and the sight of snow makes everything start to chap. OK, I might be exaggerating just a bit, but winter really is the toughest season to keep my skin looking and feeling nice.

Apparently, I’m not alone! Lots of people have similar winter skin problems — including dryness, chapping, redness, flaking, and breakouts, so the beauty experts over at Allure made it their mission to discover the best winter skin solvers. I am so glad they did, too, because I had a lot to learn!

I can’t even believe all of the mistakes I’ve been making with my winter skin care. I’m ditching any lotions, cleaners, or balms with fragrances or perfume. Even though they smell nice, those fragrances are only going to irritate my dry skin more. It’s only natural scents from now on, like Yes to Coconut Protecting Hand and Cuticle Cream. Its beachy scent comes from coconut oil!

A new technique I’m going to try this winter is layering facial oil underneath my moisturizer. I’ve always shied away from them, for fear that they will make my face greasy, but apparently, it’s a killer cure for dry skin. I’m giving Desert Essence 100% Pure Jojoba Oil a try. I can’t wait!

At least I was doing a few things right. I had already stocked my medicine cabinet, purse, and desk drawers with Aquaphor, though I never thought to use it over my makeup to protect my most sensitive skin. What a genius beauty hack! I also live by the classic blue tin of Nivea Creme.

These are just a few of the amazing tips I took away from this video. You’ve got to check it out for yourself to see how you can get your skin thriving all winter long.

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