Bacteria On Phone Can Cause Skin Issues And Staph Infections

by Emerald Pellot
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Like most people, Brian Tomlinson relies on his smartphone for communication and apps. The 20-year-old spent so much time on his phone that he couldn’t keep track.

Then, he started to notice the blemishes on his cheek and chin. Tomlinson got a nasty bout of acne. The cause? The bacteria living on the surface of his phone. Studies show that a phone’s surface can have more bacteria than a toilet!

“I don’t really know how many hours per day but I would say I’m constantly on my phone talking to people,” said Brian told CBS. “I was actually pretty surprised. As much as you use your phone you never really think about it doing something like that to your face but absolutely, it definitely makes sense that it would.”

Every time we use our phone, we touch it to our face where bacteria can mix with sweat, makeup, the germs from our hands, and wherever our phone was. However, acne isn’t the only risk. Dirty smartphones can cause more serious infections. It can even cause melanoma or trigger a nickel allergy.

“They’re more dangerous than you think,” said Dermatologist Christine Stanko from Bryn Mawr Dermatology. “Staph and strep are the two most common. So those bacteria — maybe people have heard of MRSA and they get scared about that.”

So what do you think? How often do you clean your phone’s surface? Let us know in the comments!

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