Woman Catches Huge Alligator In Field, Then Looks Closer At Grass And Realizes She’s Not Alone

by Mauricio Castillo
Mauricio has been writing for 11 years and is deeply into movies, sports and anything funny.

As many of you devoted readers might know already, if you want to see an alligator live and in person, go to Florida. I don’t mean trapped in a zoo or aquarium; I mean actually seeing one in it’s natural habitat. Of course, it’s obvious that these creatures should be admired and respected, as well as given their space, but when these sightings occur, it’s truly spectacular to see these majestic reptiles out and about.

For some reason, they seem to frequent golf courses in Florida — who knew?

This time, as shown in the video below, courtesy of Sharon Whiting, a massive alligator was filmed in Charlotte County, Florida.

When Sharon, who was filming from a safe distance, decided to zoom out, she quickly discovered that the gator wasn’t alone.

In fact, the huge reptile was shepherding a horde of tiny babies!

Yes, that big old gator was actually a mama gator!

Like any loving mom, she waited patiently while her babies kept up, and she let them pass her in order to keep a close watch on them.

In fact, the gators were traveling from pond to pond, and the mom had to wait until all her kids were accounted for.

All 16 of them!

Eventually, they made it to their destination, and Mom was able to join her babies in the pond.

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