6-Year-Old Ice Skater Hops And Spins To The ‘Pink Panther’ Song

by Brett Myers
Brett is a writer from Georgia living in New York with a knack for all things music, film, and Internet. He's a big fan of YouTube, horror movies, 80s music, and cheese fries.

What’s better than seeing your grown children succeed and achieve greatness? Well, perhaps that would be watching your little children on their way to greatness and seeing them light up as they find something they love.

Sure, as adults, we still have things that we love to do more than anything. But for kids, their passions fill their heads with dreams that keep them inspired and motivated for years to come, and that’s the most valuable thing a kid can have.

The little girl below is definitely on her way to being a star! Pretty in all pink, she entered the Annual Ladybug Competition with her adorable routine to the theme song from The Pink Panther.

And for only being 6 years old, she’s pretty good!

She glides gracefully, hops without a hinderance, and spins smoothly. We’re also very impressed by the amount of focus she has for her moves, and you can see it in her face.

We’re sure that this girl will grow up to be whatever she wants to be in life! It just goes to show that once a kid puts their mind to something, they’ll do all that they can to reach their goals. Now all we’re wondering is why the audience waited until the end to applaud for her!

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