Sisters Show Up At Dad’s Doorstep After Flying 2,700 Miles To Surprise Him On Birthday

by Lindsey Smith
Lindsey is from Florida and has worked in online and print media. Her happy place is Michaels craft store.

Sisters Laura and Jen Kelley wanted to do something really special for their dad, Roger, on his birthday. Laura lives in New York, Jen in Chicago.

“We were trying to think of the best gift we could give our dad for his 60th, and we realized that it would be seeing us,” Laura told LittleThings. “So, we decided it would be even more fun to not tell him and make it a surprise.”

The two sisters stood outside their house holding balloons as their mom, Judy, filmed. When Roger opened the door, the girls yelled “surprise!”

He stood there for a moment, not registering what was going on.

“My sister’s favorite part is how long it took him to process,” Laura told LittleThings.

Their dad started laughing when his daughters stepped through the door and gave him huge birthday hugs.

“Yes, I’m surprised!” Roger laughed after having no clue who would be behind the door. “I am shocked!”

The sisters had their dad convinced that they wouldn’t be able to join him and their mom during their planned birthday getaway to Estes Park in Colorado. He was so excited to realize his daughters would now be able to go.

“He told me he had to rewatch the video to make sure he hugged us because he was in such shock,” Laura told LittleThings. Watch the amazing surprise below.

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