Sisters Lennon & Maisy Sing A Johnny Cash Classic At The Grand Ole Opry

by Caroline Bayard
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If you think every viral video star gets just 15 minutes of fame, think again.

Here at Little Things, we’ve seen countless incredibly talented performers who post their videos online and deserve their chance in the spotlight, but never really make it big.

Then again, there are others who take their viral fame and really run with it.

Not every wannabe can get “discovered” on YouTube like Justin Bieber did and shoot to superstar status, but the two sisters in the video below are living proof that it can take you far. In 2012, the parents of Lennon & Maisy uploaded a video of the then 11- and 7-year-olds singing a cappella. It went viral practically overnight and the girls were suddenly everywhere. They even ended up appearing on the ABC show Nashville in a storyline similar to their own for many seasons.

In 2013, the Canadian sisters were invited to Nashville’s infamous Grand Ole Opry to perform where some of the greats have had defining moments. Just over fifty years before Lennon and Maisy’s debut, the Man in Black himself, Johnny Cash, made his first appearance and proved he was destined for stardom on the same Opry stage. I’m sure he would be so honored and proud to hear their unforgettable performance of “Ring of Fire”.

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