Teen Sisters Are Listed ‘Missing’ After Parents’ Bad Divorce But Live In Plain Sight For 2 Years

by Amy Paige
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In April 2013, Sandra and David Rucki were in the thick of a bitter divorce. Each fought for custody of their five kids, Samantha, Gianna, Nico, Nia and Gino.

Sandra accused David of being abusive while David denied the abuse, saying she was lying to win custody.

In the midst of all the drama, two of their daughters — Samantha, 14, and Gianna, 13 — vanished from their Minnesota home.

One month after Samantha and Gianna disappeared, they made a brand new claim in a Fox News report. The sisters said their father threatened to shoot them and their mother before vanishing once again without a trace.

Samantha and Gianna were listed as missing persons.

But in November 2015, police tracked them down at White Horse Ranch, three hours away from their home.

The White Horse Ranch provides therapy to abused children. Owners Doug and Gina Dahlen claimed Sandra dropped the girls off there, but never returned to visit them.

The Dahlens also claimed the girls lived at the ranch on their own accord between April 2013 and November 2015, and that they were free to leave at any time.

What makes this story even more bizarre is that the Dahlens also claimed the sisters went by their own names and paid regular visits into town without concealing their real identities.

During this time, a court-appointed psychologist ruled that Sandra manipulated her children against David and helped hide the sisters at White Horse Ranch.

Sandra was ultimately arrested while David was granted full custody of all five siblings.

Daily News reported that David said the Dahlens had no right to make this “judgment call” by keeping his children away from them. “If that community and church looked the other way, then shame on that community,” he told the Star Tribune.

Sandra was released from jail in October 2016, completing the first portion of her jail sentence that will continue over the next six years. She says she was just trying to protect her children.

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