3 Sisters Die In Christmas Fire And Grieving Mom Looks In Bathroom Mirror To See A Sign Of Hope

by Amy Paige
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This is a truly powerful account from a mother who has experienced the ultimate nightmare. But first, a little background.

Madonna Badger was home in Stamford, Connecticut, on Christmas Eve 2011. Her daughters Lily, Sarah and Grace, and her parents, Lomer and Pauline, were there, too.

A massive house fire broke out in the early morning hours. Madonna and her then-boyfriend were the only survivors.

Her three daughters and parents were killed as the fire engulfed the Victorian home.

“My whole life is in that house,” Madonna screamed as firefighters led her away from the blaze.

In the wake of the tragedy, Madonna says she felt like taking her own life many times. The grief was simply overpowering.

Time pressed on, as impossible as life seemed. And in the video below, Madonna describes what happened one day when she was cleaning her bathroom.

At first, she thought she was going crazy. But now, she swears this “visit” in the bathroom brought her comfort in the darkest of times.

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