Young Boy’s Sinus Infection Stumps Doctors Til 10th MRI Finally Shows Abscess On His Brain

by Mauricio Castillo
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Hunter Tidwell is a happy and healthy 13-year-old, but at 12 he found himself in the fight of his life. It all started with a seemingly regular sinus infection.

According to WFTS Tampa, Hunter got sick with the infection in July 2017, and it lasted for a week.

Bill, Hunter’s dad, came home from work with plans to take Hunter to the doctor but ended up horrified when he saw the boy. “When he was laying in the floor having a seizure, I’ve never been so scared. I’ve never felt so helpless,” Bill told WFTS.

An ambulance rushed Hunter to the hospital. He spent three weeks in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. During those three weeks, it took 10 MRIs to truly discover what was going on.

Doctors told Bill and his wife that Hunter’s sinus infection traveled up instead of down to his chest, as is usually expected. It caused a subdural empyema, an abscess, that lodged itself behind Hunter’s hair line and above his brain.

Doctors initially started rounds of antibiotics in the hopes that the infection would be destroyed, but it continued to grow. The next necessary step was brain surgery.

“That infection walled itself to the point it needed to be drained,” said Dr. Jayson Sack, Hunter’s neurosurgeon.

The surgery was a success, and Hunter told WFTS that the experience was “interesting.”

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