10 Things Single Moms Really Want For Valentine’s Day

by Sarah Bregel
Sarah Bregel is an editor at covering entertainment, trending stories, adorable stuff, parenting, and more. She is also a freelance writer, mom of two, dog mom, feminist, and deep-breather.

Single moms love Valentine’s Day in the way that they love just about every other holiday. It’s nice in theory, but you never really get what you want unless you break it down and get specific about it.

That’s because, as the center of our households, we’re the person who does just about everything. And because of that, we’re used to meeting our own needs, rather than depending on anyone else to do things for us. It’s incredibly liberating. And sometimes, it’s exhausting.

Single moms might be independent as all get out, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t things we want from time to time. Those wants might be slightly different from other moms out there, because not having a live-in partner can mean we’re extra happy about any opportunity to, ya know, just be acknowledged.

Truthfully, when you spend most of your time around tiny people — cooking for them, cleaning up after them — you don’t get a lot of help or thanks. But hey, that’s what Hallmark holidays are for (if we’re lucky).

Here are 10 things to get a single mom in your life for Valentine’s Day:

A Margarita Maker

A Margarita Maker

If you know a single mom who loves margaritas, why not make things easy for her? Kitchen gadgets are always fun, but what single mom in her right mind doesn’t want a marg maker? If she’s going to be making them anyway, a machine that helps out is the perfect gift.

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A Really Great Haircut

Getting a great haircut is tough when you’re a single mom. You don’t have much time to explore your options, and you likely won’t have the chance to sneak out and actually go get the cut! Having someone do the research, make the appointment for you, and then offer to babysit? Now, there’s a gift.

Someone To Load the Dishwasher

Dishes are constant for any parent. But for a mom who doesn’t have a live-in partner, we could basically do dishes all day, and there would still be dishes left over. We aren’t sure how it happens, but the sink is always full. We’d love someone to help us out and load the dishwasher, just once.

A New Set of Wine Glasses

A New Set of Wine Glasses

Every mom who loves to drink wine needs a great set of wine glasses. But for single moms who don’t have a huge budget, it’s one of those things that gets easily overlooked. But wine glasses break, and then you end up drinking your wine out of a sippy cup. This set from Walmart by The Pioneer Woman is beautiful and super durable.

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A Housecleaning Gift Certificate

You might think she will be offended, and maybe she will be! But I promise, as soon as she hears the sound of the vacuum with someone else running it, she will thank you! As single moms, we pretty much never stop cleaning. Truth be told, even if the house stays clean for only a few hours, it will be money well spent.

Someone To Complete a Household Project

Single moms are basically buried in household projects. And we know how to do everything on our own, too. But we’d love some help. Take your pick! There are plenty of projects, small and large, to go around.

A Home-Cooked Meal

We love our kids, but we get tired of cooking for them night after night. Especially because they aren’t always the most enthused eaters! For once, enjoying a home-cooked meal but not having to cook it would be just lovely.

That One Item She's Been Coveting for Months

That One Item She's Been Coveting for Months

For me, it’s this bodysuit from Mannerswear. I want it, but I can never justify spending the money on myself. There are just too many other needs every time I get my paycheck. Try simply asking her about something she’s really been wanting. Chances are, she’ll never buy it for herself. So make it easy and buy it for her.

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A Foot Rub

Does this one really have to be explained? We’re running after the kids constantly, working, running up and down the stairs, folding laundry, walking the dog — the list never ends. Our feet get tired, and they never get rubbed. With lotion, please.

Someone To Say "Thank You"

A simple “thank you” means so much when you aren’t used to hearing it. Even better if you put some kind words into a note. For moms who do it all, simply telling them they matter can go a long way. And they will definitely be grateful.