Firefighter Mom Emerges After Glam Makeover; Daughter Sees She’s Ready To Date After 20 Years

by Amy Paige
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Natalie is 56 years old — she’s a single mother with three children — and she’s been a dedicated firefighter for the past 27 years.

Much to the dismay of her loved ones, Natalie hasn’t been in a serious relationship for 20 years. As a matter of fact, she hasn’t even gone on a single date in 10 years!

Two of Natalie’s kids have grown up and moved away, and Natalie has already paid off her youngest daughter’s college tuition.

With these chapters of motherhood coming to a close, she’s finally ready to get out there and explore her romantic possibilities and beyond.

“This is it. It’s about me now,” Natalie says.

“And they all agree with me.”

However, Natalie admits she’s pretty clueless when it comes to shopping and style, and the idea of choosing a fashionable wardrobe seemed way too daunting for the hardworking firefighter.

In the clip below, two of the original cast members of Queer Eye reunite after 13 years of working together, all to give Natalie the makeover of her dreams.

Natalie’s transformation literally brought Rachael Ray to tears — and that says a lot. “This is the first makeover that ever made me cry!” she told the audience.

Rachael wasn’t the only one in tears; Natalie’s youngest daughter, who has been dying to see her mom date again, could barely recognize her own mother!

See the stunning “after” look for yourself …

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