Stranger Spots Single Dad’s 11 Missing Teeth During TV Interview And Offers Him A New Smile

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

One man’s selfless generosity has been returned to him tenfold after a simple act of kindness changed his life.

Jack Carlson — or “Jack, the Bike Guy,” as he’s known — is a single dad who’s dedicated his life to modifying bikes to better suit kids who are disabled. He was even featured in a “Land of 10,000 Stories” segment on KARE 11, which is how a woman named Jean learned about him.

Jean is a dental hygienist, and when she saw Jack’s interview, she couldn’t help but notice his smile. Over the years, he had lost 11 teeth. Many of the ones still in his mouth were rotting or decayed. He never had the funds to fix them.

“I turned to my husband, and I said, ‘Wow, what a really nice guy. Somebody should do something nice for him,’” Jean told KARE 11.

She then went to her employer, dentist Dr. Chong Lee, and he agreed to do the work — free of charge. With some of her own money, and through fundraising, Jean was able to fly Jack from Minnesota to Washington, DC for a procedure that would change his life forever.

After all the work was done, Jack was handed a mirror so he could see his new smile. His reaction is absolutely priceless!

Now, watch the clip below to see how this single dad has changed! And please SHARE if you think Jack totally deserved such a thoughtful gift!

Footage and photos provided by KARE Minneapolis

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