Laurie Hernandez Freaks Out When Simone Biles Crashes TV Show To Surprise Her With Shoes

by Ana Luisa Suarez
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Is it too soon to dub Simone Biles and Laurie Hernandez America’s cutest best friends?

After watching them support each other during their time in Rio this summer, it’s safe to say that these girls have each other’s back no matter how competitive their field is.

After winning gold in Rio, the girls and the rest of the Final Five have been making their rounds across the U.S. attending glamorous award shows, taking selfies with celebrities, and charming TV hosts in interviews.

Laurie stopped by Good Morning America with the rest of the Dancing with the Stars cast before the season premiere on September 12. New host Michael Strahan was discussing a gift for Laurie when he asked for someone to bring it out.

That someone turned out to be Simone! Laurie immediately jumps off her stool excitedly and actually runs the wrong direction at first to get to Simone.

Even though these two spent months together while training and competing and they hang out all the time, they are so excited to see each other! It’s so sweet to see friends who care that much about each other.

Laurie loves her gift and is very willing to share her seat with Simone, so she can comfortably join the rest of the interview! Laurie’s face when she realized who was surprising her is one of a kind. Doesn’t she just have the best smile?

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