Simon Cowell Hits The Golden Buzzer For A Group Of Dancing Stormtroopers

by Paul Morris
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Simon Cowell has made a career out of being the hard-hitting British-man who does not go easy on anyone.

But in the incredible video below, you’ll see him do something truly incredible and rare.

On a recent episode of Britain’s Got Talenta group of armor-clad stormtroopers from “Star Wars” decided to pay our galaxy a little visit  and while we’re accustomed to seeing them as bad guys with horrible shooting accuracy, it turns out that they’re all pretty amazing dancers!

In fact, they’re such amazing dancers, and they get the crowd so amped up, that the usually harsh critic Simon Cowell proudly stood up and shocked the world when he slammed down onto the golden buzzer!

After the crowd stopped their deafening screams of excitement, Simon proudly said to the group of masked warriors, “I literally said, ‘If we could find, stormtroopers who can dance.’ Seriously, I said, ‘This show is going to go into a different league.’ My dream has come true, thank you!”

While some people are surprised at Simon’s choice to give these stormtroopers the golden buzzer treatment, millions of others feel he made the right choice. No wonder this hilarious video is going super viral!

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