Refurbish An Old Piece Of Furniture With Silver Leaf Sheets

by C.B. Dionne
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Some people have such an eye for spotting a diamond in the rough. This upcycling expert is one of them, and saw the potential to turn an inexpensive thrift store cabinet into amazing upcycled multi-use furniture!

Patti Elhoff, the author of Upcycle with Decoupage, found a brown cabinet at a thrift store, and decided to give it a silver leaf and stenciling makeover. She is using the final product as a genius cover for a kitty litter box, but it can be also be used to store just about everything in a chic container. If you have a piece of wooden furniture you want to upcycle, this step-by-step tutorial is an immense help.

First, she gives the brown cabinet a base coat of white chalk paint to give it a blank slate.

Then, she brushes on liquid adhesive. Then she applies the silver leaf paper onto the adhesive on the top of the cabinet. There are tips and tricks throughout the video to deal with the sometimes tricky silver leaf paper, and fixes if you make common mistakes — so helpful.

The real design in this project comes from applying different stencils to the sides of the cabinet, and painting over them with chalk paint. The end result — finished with an oil-based varnish — looks like a brand-new piece of furniture!

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