Chilly, Naked Hamster Gets A Handmade Sweater To Stay Warm This Winter

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

Most of the mammals we know and love are characterized by their thick coats of fur. It’s convenient in the colder months, and it’s just so soft and pet-able.

After all, imagine how warm you’d be if you had fur!

But some animals don’t have that luxury, and when they live in a cold climate, they need a little help. You’ve probably heard of hairless dogs and cats, but it turns out more animals than you might think can go through life rocking the bald look.

Such was the case with Silky. Silky is a hamster born with not a strand of hair save for some whiskers on her little snoot.

She’s soft and pink, but she’s also quite sensitive to cold temperatures, so when she came to live at the Oregon Humane Society in Portland, OR, the staff knew she would need a little help.

For one thing, Silky’s lack of fluff meant that she needed a special, warmed habitat to live and sleep in. But she can’t spend every waking moment in a box, and so for her adventures outside, one staff member at the humane society decided to deck her out in her very own, custom-made sweater.

Needless to say, it captured hearts everywhere, and ended up finding Silky a forever home.

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Meet Silky. This little nudie came to live at the Oregon Humane Society after her human family was no longer able to care for her.

Because of her lack of fur, the staff knew she’d need some extra care in order to stay comfortable and healthy.

Luckily, Animal Care Technician Selene Mejia was crafty as well as kindhearted.

She saw that Silky needed some extra care, so she combined her crafting skills with her animal care ones and created something special, and adorable, for Silky.

A tiny sweater!

In this photo, Silky looks a little blown away by the gift.

But soon she was snuggling up in her new outfit, no problem.

And she wore it whenever she was out of her habitat to keep the chills away — just like a human!

In addition to the sweater, Silky was also kept in a special heated habitat with some burrowing material, and some hiding places to curl up in.

And while at home, she preferred to go au naturel.

Silky arrived at the Humane Society earlier in October and, due to an eye infection, wasn’t available for adoption until a few days later.

And as soon as her infection cleared up, there was someone waiting to take her home.

His name was Matthew Sears, and he describes himself as “hair challenged,” just like Silky.

“I had a wonderful experience visiting the shelter,” he says. “If anyone ever feels bad they should visit there and meet all the happy people. Even if I had not adopted, it was a good experience: there was so much love.”

Silky went home with Sears, who also took her heated habitat and, of course, her tiny sweater.

Watch the video below to see another unexpected animal in a sweater — a tortoise!

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