Woman Accidentally Breaks The Law After Rescuing Sickly Bear Cub From Deadly Skin Disease

by Kat Manos
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Seeing a helpless animal suffering is always extremely difficult. Authorities always warn people about interacting with wildlife, though sometimes the need to help an animal overcomes that warning.

A woman named Anne Bryant has made it her mission to rescue harmed animals, so it was difficult for her to ignore a sickly bear cub that strangers brought to her from Butte County in Northern California.

The sickly and abandoned cub appeared disoriented around the Lake Tahoe area. It was clear something was wrong with the little bear, so Anne took action.

This bear, since named Eve, has little to no hair on her body and skin legions from mange, a deadly skin disease that can especially affect them in the winter.

“She actually doesn’t look like a bear, she looks like a chupacabra,” she remarked on the bear’s sickly appearance. “Once they get the mange, they lose all their hair and need medical attention.”

Anne took her into her own home for a week before contacting other medical professionals and trusted members of the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

The department says that people should be careful when handling wild animals even in cases when they’re sick, and Anne recognizes that both she and the Good Samaritans who saved the bear technically broke the law.

“We have to be careful, and the public has to be careful about what they can do when we find animals in need like this,” Anne explained. “We have to do what we know is right instead of sometimes what we know is legal.”

Do you think Anne did the right thing in the case of taking care of Eve?

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Photos: CBS Local – KOVR Sacramento

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