What Changes When A Mom Is Sick? Absolutely Nothing

by Kate Taylor
Kate is a writer who laughs at her own jokes and likes to pour too much hot sauce on her food.

As a kid, sick days were more of an excuse to skip school and be doted on, but as an adult, that’s not the case.

Being a sick adult usually means a cocktail of over-the-counter medications and a feeble attempt to work from home. Of course, if you’re a mom, you’re always working, even if it’s not in the traditional sense, and even if you’re sick.

In this episode of Truth Bomb Mom, Kristina Kuzmic documents the sad reality of being a sick mom.

“Do you know what changes when a mom is sick?” she asks. The answer is, “Nothing. Nothing changes.”

And that precisely cuts to why being sick and being a mom is so tough. Sadly, the world does not stop spinning just because you’re sick. In Kristina’s case, “The kids still need to be driven places. The dog still vomits on the carpet, and that vomit still need to be picked up,” and it goes without saying, “dinner still needs to be made.”

You probably want nothing more than to follow your doctor’s orders to rest, but if your MD is anything like Kristina’s, the suggestion will be followed by laughter because, “He knows I’m a mother and rest isn’t going to happen.”

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