Sick Grandpa Wakes Up To Grandson’s Screams, Then Realizes Family Flew To Surprise Him

by Allyson Souza
Ally is a born-and-bred Jersey Girl who studied English and Journalism at Rutgers University. In her free time, she spends too much money on food, continues the endless search for her next favorite book, and fails to use her gym membership on a daily basis. She comes from a huge, crazy family that sells Fish & Chips for a living and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

There’s nothing worse than missing someone and having no way of getting to them.

Whether you just can’t afford it at the moment, or the timing isn’t right for a trip, it weighs heavily on your heart to not be able to see a loved one.

For this grandpa living in Germany, health issues were holding him back from making his bi-yearly trips to see his family, which includes his daughter and her adorable son.

They were all missing each other a whole lot, but until he was cleared to take a plane ride again, it didn’t seem likely that they’d be having a reunion any time soon.

Or at least that’s what Grandpa thought!

His daughter secretly planned a surprise visit, which grandma was in on, to bring them all back together again.

When mother and son walk into the house, they find grandpa asleep on the bed.

Rather than gently waking his grandfather up, the little boy lets out a loud roar and startles the sleeping man. He looks confused for a split second at the interruption to his nap.

But it isn’t long before he has his grandson in a happy embrace. The joy on his face is truly priceless.

It’s so amazing to see the love on all of their faces at the surprise reunion.

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