Mom Is Baffled When Doctors Ask 11-Year-Old Girl With Mystery Illness To Take Pregnancy Test

by June Rivers
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Leanne, a mother of three, was heartbroken when her 11-year-old daughter became ill with a sickness no one could diagnose.

The girl, Jayde Pitt, had suddenly become nauseous — so much so that she was spending up to 18 hours a day vomiting!

At first, doctors had no idea what was wrong, but Leanne was “completely gobsmacked” when doctors suggested Jayde was possibly pregnant.

Leanne’s first instinct was to take the suggestion as an insult. After all, her young daughter was still playing with dolls and had no interest in boys.

Would you be offended by this, too?

Despite Leanne’s anger, the doctors still said they wanted Jayde to take a pregnancy test… and Leanne finally agreed just to prove a point.

After seeing five doctors, Jayde’s mysterious condition finally came to light.

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