Sibling Rivalry Starts Early For These Adorable Newborn Twins

by Amanda Selsky
Amanda Selsky is a freelance writer based in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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Maybe it’s a twin thing, or maybe it’s a brother and sister thing.

But even this early on, these newborns understand that there’s competition for the spotlight.

In this hilarious video from America’s Funniest Home Videos, one twin wails while the other one gets fed, and vice versa. Once mom returns with a spoonful of food, the tears stop, pronto.

If she decides to move the spoon to the competition, the unhappy cries start all over again, but not before their curious eyes follow the food intently. They don’t seem to mind when she removes the spoon, either.

It’s only when it goes to their rival. When that happens, they blink their eyes in disbelief. “How could you, mom?”

With so many crocodile tears, mom can’t keep up with her two bundles of joy. In this case, two spoons may work much better than one.

Watch these sweet twins battle it out for mom’s attention in the home video below. Who knew sibling rivalry could be so cute.

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