Guy Tries To Save Money By Shrink-Wrapping His Entire Home

by Amy Paige
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After his divorce, Todd decided to sell his 2,600-square-foot home. But in an effort to receive the highest appraisal possible, Todd took extraordinary measures to keep his home not just clean, but barely lived in.

The average house in Todd’s neighborhood sells for around $250,000. Todd hopes to sell his three-bedroom, three-bathroom house for $280,000. To up his chances, he protected the entire house in plastic shrink wrap, from the floors to the banisters — even the toilet is completely encased in Saran wrap! Oh, and he also sleeps in the closet to save money on heating, and has never even used two of the bathrooms.

While Todd feels good about the fact he tries to preserve his home as best he can, his ex-wife Stephanie recounts how difficult it was living with a husband who was constantly pinching pennies.

“I think my cheap ways had an effect on Stephanie because she probably felt my mind was always thinking about money and not putting her first,” Todd says.

But what does the appraiser have to say about Todd’s efforts?

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