This Pit Bull Has Been Smiling From Ear To Ear Ever Since She Was Rescued From The Streets

by Kim Wong-Shing
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Shortcake the pit bull cannot stop smiling, and it’s impossible not to love her for it.

The 4-year-old Shortcake hasn’t always been this happy.

When an animal shelter first found her, she lived on the streets of Fresno, California. She had so much mange that she smelled like rotting flesh. But even back then, she wore a brave, sweet smile.

That smile led to her rescue and eventual adoption by owner Amy Matsushima. Now that Shortcake lives in a loving home with Amy, she seriously CAN’T. STOP. SMILING.

Not only is Shortcake free of mange, but she also gets to partake in her two favorite activities: napping and playing with other dogs.

All the while, she has a permanent grin glued onto her face.

“She’s very silly, full of sounds, and playful when she’s not sleeping but even then, she smiles,” Amy told The Daily Mail. “She really does smile most of the time.”

This is Shortcake. As a puppy, poor Shortcake lived on the streets of Fresno, California. She suffered from severe mange, as well as a hernia.

Luckily, a local shelter found her and took her in. Thanks to her unique smile, she was later rescued from the shelter by Fresno Bully Rescue. That’s where her human, Amy Matsushima, found her.

“Fresno Bully Rescue didn’t have space at the time, but there was something about her picture that they couldn’t say no to, so they pulled her into the rescue,” Amy recalled.

“She wasn’t in the best shape, as everyone that met her back then said that she smelled like rotting flesh due to her mange, but with the care of the rescue and her amazing foster family, she recovered quickly,” she said.

Amy saw Shortcake’s picture online and fell in love.

“I spent a lot of time online looking at shelters and rescues, and when I saw Shortcake’s picture, I could tell she was special,” she recalled.

“I made plans to meet her and drove up to Fresno from LA. Upon meeting her, she was small but full of personality, and I knew she was the one.”

After Amy adopted Shortcake, she set up an Instagram page so that the rescue center could watch her progress.

Shortcake pretty much hasn’t stopped smiling since — and it’s not just for the camera.


“She’s very silly, full of sounds, and playful when she’s not sleeping but even then, she smiles. She really does smile most of the time,” Amy said.

Now, at about 4 years old, Shortcake is seriously living the life. She gets plenty of naps and cuddles with her loving humans.

She also gets to play with other pups – and she’s made several miniature human friends in the neighborhood!

She just can’t stop smiling about it all.

Shortcake brings a lot of smiles to other people’s faces, too. She has 130,000 followers on Instagram.

Her page is a lovely reminder of just how sweet pit bulls and other rescue dogs can be.

“‘It’s been great that she’s been able to bring joy to others, and to help spread awareness of the awesome dogs that can be found at your local shelter and rescue,” Amy said.

Amy hopes to get a brother or sister for Shortcake eventually, since she’s such a fan of play time.

“I’m hoping to get a house soon where I can foster and possibly adopt another dog,” she said.

“Playing with other dogs and naps are definitely the two things that make her happiest, so hopefully soon I’ll be able to move into a bigger home and help out other dogs in need.”

Meanwhile, Shortcake is just happy to nap on Amy’s arm, ride around in her special pup-sized backpack, and take occasional rides to the beach.

Like, REALLY happy.

Her smile is so sweet, it’s infectious. We’ll be grinning from ear to ear until further notice.