Strangers Get Revenge When Driver Blocks The Shopping Cart Port With His Car

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

We have all encountered some pretty annoying people on four wheels, whether they are speeding, cutting someone off in traffic, or forgetting to use their turn signal.

But probably one of the worst offenses one can make in a car is parking poorly, especially if they are in a spot they shouldn’t be in.

Though taking wrongfully cruel action against anyone is definitely not the right thing to do, some offenses are pretty obvious, like parking in front of a shopping cart port.

But that’s exactly what one car did, to the dismay of all the shoppers who wanted to return their carts!

Fortunately, they got creative in order to teach the car a little lesson; it didn’t do any damage, but it definitely made the driver realize that others were affected by their actions.

Check out the silly sabotage below, as well as other little ways to get revenge on vehicles below.

[H/T: Distractify]

People who park their cars poorly make everyone else’s blood boil.

Not only do the parking offenders show disregard for the rules, but they are also inconveniencing others!

This particular car parked in front of a shopping cart port was just begging to be taught a lesson.

So the shoppers devised a little plan that would cause as much inconvenience to it as it was causing to others.

A barricade of shopping carts definitely seemed like a fitting punishment for the parking offense!

Though there was no harm done, the driver probably regretted his dumb driving decision while having to move the carts away!

If you want to see more playful ways people have gotten their revenge on terrible drivers, keep scrolling through below.

We’re not sure what the car did to deserve this, but the artistry in which the carts are placed is definitely impressive.

Even the shopping cart victim probably applauded their effort!

Post-it notes are also a good way to dish out a little bit of payback, without causing any damage to the car!

And with all the available colors, it’s easy to get crafty.

Easter eggs also make a cute mischievous accessory.

Whether this was for a colorful practical joke or a new way of accessorizing, it was definitely a good look.

How about giving someone’s tires a sweet sticker?

Personally, if I suddenly found donut tires on my car, I wouldn’t want to take them off!

Finally, the classic Saran Wrap ruse is a great way to keep a car driver in your life on their toes.

All you need is a lot of patience, and the car will eventually look totally mummified — good luck getting in there!

Though car vandalism is never the answer, sometimes getting a little vehicle revenge can get a few laughs, or at least get a few people to watch where and how they park!

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