Dad Transforms Yard Into A Jungle Safari. Then Poses With Daughter For Unforgettable Photoshoot

by Lindsey Smith
Lindsey is from Florida and has worked in online and print media. Her happy place is Michaels craft store.

Like any parent, Sholom Ber Solomon wants to document his daughter Zoe’s life through pictures and the way he decided to make a scrapbook of her early years was super creative!

Instead of taking his daughter to a local photography studio to pose with a background, this dad jumped in the photos with her and shot them himself in his family’s home and around their California neighborhood.

Sholom dresses Zoe and himself up in adorable costumes and then creates silly scenes for them to pose in with props. He then uploads them to his Instagram for everyone to enjoy!

From a safari trip to turning Zoe into a daisy and watering her, Sholom never runs out of hilarious, yet precious, ideas for his daddy/daughter photoshoots. Although Zoe is still a baby, in many of the photos it looks like she knows exactly what she’s doing!

Keep scrolling to see all of Zoe and Sholom’s photo shoots and why everyone around the internet can’t get enough of the photos!

Shalom and Zoe photo shoot gnome

Sholom dressed up as a gardener and nine-month-old Zoe is a cute gnome! They love to shoot their photos outside.

Shalom and Zoe photo shoot water flower

Moving on from a garden gnome, Zoe is also the cutest daisy ever who will grow with a little bit of water and a whole lot of love.

Shalom and Zoe photo shoot safari

Sholom keeps the outdoor theme going and creates a wild safari! But sometimes they do shoot on location.

Shalom and Zoe photo shoot Hawaii

Zoe and Sholom do the hula while beachside! This dad clearly has no trouble wearing a skirt if it means creating lasting memories.

Shalom and Zoe photo shoot ballerina

The pair also makes pretty adorable ballerinas — Zoe even looks to have the pose down perfect even if it’s not on purpose.

Again, Zoe strikes the perfect pose as she plays hide and seek with her dad. Ready or not, here she comes!

Shalom and Zoe photo shoot graffiti

Sholom proves that infants are also amazing artists. Just check out this work Sholom and Zoe did with a giant crayon. The props the pair use totally make each photo.

Shalom and Zoe photo shoot bubbles

The snorkel mask and laundry detergent take this photo from basic to absolutely hilarious! Sholom really knows how to make people giggle.

Shalom and Zoe photo shoot police

Even though she’s a baby, most people can relate to Zoe’s face of discontent when she gets pulled over by a police officer.

Shalom and Zoe photo shoot dirty diaper

Sholom captures the stinky nature of changing diapers that parents everywhere have felt. The little details help create the perfect moment.

Sholom’s inspiration for this photo with Zoe dressed up as the chicken in the bucket was “When Mom leaves Dad in charge.”

Shalom and Zoe photo shoot baking cookies

Sholom could have easily just taken a photo of him and Zoe baking, but the addition of the Cookie Monster costume ups the precious factor of the photo shoot.

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