After 75 Years Of Playing Church Piano Free of Charge, Woman Finally Receives A Surprise Check

by Amy P
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Seventy-five years ago, Shirley Ivie was 9 years old. She had just started playing the piano at Wellston Christian Church in Oklahoma.

Despite the fact Shirley knew only a handful of songs, she was a bright light among the congregation. Churchgoers happily sang along to the few songs she did know and patiently waited as she learned more.

As the years passed, Shirley played an integral role at the church. She was the one who played piano at every wedding, funeral, and celebration.

These days, Shirley suffers from arthritis — but it never flares up when she plays the piano, “one reason she believes her talent is God-given,” KFOR reports.

But since Wellston Christian Church is not a large church, the worship team considers their work ministry.

Shirley played church piano for 75 years and never received a penny for her services. She never asked to  be paid, either.

In the clip below, Shirley arrives at the church, under the impression that she’s going to a praise band meeting.

When she walks through the sanctuary doors, however, she realizes it was all one big lie …

Footage provided by KFOR Oklahoma

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